◆What's the divination style

The divination style is a style of fate judgment that can search for the source of better fortune that humanity continues to seek through its life.
Based on Four Pillars of Destiny, physiology, Yin and yang, we will thoroughly study the choice of interpretation.
"Power" and "Method" to see what is invisible.
It is the divination style to learn these two, knowing the divination style will make it possible to sublimate in any life.

At the Yamamoto divination style, first read the design of life from the date of birth and time of birth.
If your life is in line with the plan, you can walk up the fate of life with more power by using the more hidden 97% of the subconscious.
Even if not in line with the plan, you can get your own way back by using a major turning point once every 60 years.
As to how you can be blessed with wealth and build assets, you can meet the thought and direction that will dramatically increase money by grasping the fate of not only yourself but also partners, families and employees. The possibilities for gaining are broadened.

Also, about love and marriage,by grasping the fate of each life on your own, you will be able to understand a better way to go.
With respect to asset formation methods such as specific real estate investment, you will be able to understand the inevitability such as the time to actively move money, the time when the properties luck be attached, and the encounter with partners.